We survived the pox. Thank you everyone for your messages, emails and texts. The little guy had Day 1 what turned out to be a pretty mild case of chicken pox over the weekend and the two of us were home the first part of the week — me trying to work and function from my laptop and Colt trying to set a record for episodes of "Super Why" watched. We had a nice few days hanging out together, but I think we were both grateful to be back to our normal routines by Wednesday.

Chicken Pox turned out to be one more of those things of which I thought I had a working knowledge but which ultimately exposed me as a newbie parent. Last Thursday, I took one look at the two little bumps on his belly, diagnosed him with bug bites and sent him to school. A day later we were in the doctor's office getting a booster shot for the chicken pox vaccine. Live and learn. (And sorry Daycare Friends! Some or all of you probably have chicken pox now…)


One thought on “Month of Colt: Day 1

  1. If it was a mild case, chances are he’ll get it again. ;)

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