Let’s go to the movies

It may not have been my first movie ever, but the first movie I remember seeing in the theater is Care Bears. Honestly, I can't remember which one and I just spent time Googling when the Care Bears movies were made — and none of them seem to line up with the age I would have been. Maybe it was a re-release thing for the summer, who knows? But I remember that I saw the Care Bears. In a theater. And it was so unbelievably cool and grownup.

I never grew out of thinking movies were cool and grownup. And there was even a short period in my young and stupid years during which I was absolutely sure I wanted to go to film school and be a movie director when I grew up. Ha!

I'll probably never direct a movie. And I'll probably never be IN a movie. But I can get sucked into a late night HBO rerun like nobody's business.

Anyway. Movies.

When we discovered Cars 2 would be coming out in "June 2011" we thought it would be a great idea for our newly three year old. He loves the original Cars and he's able to sit still – kinda. So we thought we'd give it a try. Worst case scenario: we'd have to leave the movie after the first thirty minutes and we'd be out the cost of the tickets. No biggie.

Well, two buckets of popcorn and one Night Vision setting on my camera later…

Cars2 006_edit

Cars2 010_edit

…and we were in the second row of a crowded theater of kids, soaking up the latest installment of Lightning McQueen.

Never mind that he wasn't heavy enough to keep the seat from folding up on him. And never mind that he'd had a tummy ache all morning, but we let him eat fistfuls of popcorn all afternoon anyway. He sat still, loved the movie and has been talking about it ever since.

Cars2 015_edit

Cars2 012_edit

Jeff's not a huge fan of going to the movies, but I could go every day. (Not that I get to, of course. This was the second movie I've seen all summer. And I think it's the third one I've seen since Christmas.) So maybe I have a movie buddy on my hands. A G-rated movie buddy. Ka-chow!

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  1. Thrilled to find another Arkansas blogger! Cute post, our grandsons have been going to the movies with us since they were little too. There’s nothing like setting in the dark, eating popcorn and watching a great movie! Come visit me at Granny Mountain on Beaver Lake…

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