You don't need me to tell you it's been crazy hot this summer. It's pretty much all anybody could talk about for a few weeks, and there seemed to be an unofficial contest on Facebook to see who could snap the most dramatic iPhone picture of the thermometer in their car. Trust me — 112 or 118 — it's all hot.

So we've done a lot of playing inside and trying to avoid the heat. Hibernation. Kinda.

It's been so hot we spent the last two weekends in a movie theater instead of at the pool. IT WAS TOO HOT FOR THE POOL, people. Ridiculous.

But there was finally a break in the weather and we braved the water on Saturday.

Iphone 223_edit

Iphone 186_edit

OK, couple things:

  1. I snapped a few photos (and video!) with my phone because I dragged the camera all the way to the pool and it was DEAD. That has never happened to me! Way to go, Mama — dead battery during a summer photo op!
  2. Am I the only one who thinks he looks eight feet tall? I swear he's been growing like a madman and looks an inch taller every single day! Shirts that used to hang loose on him are now skimming the waistband of his shorts.

Seriously with the growing. He's just getting so – big. Sunday night at the grocery store he reminded me we needed milk. He's three!

At the pool, it's no different. (He thinks) he's big stuff. He begged to go down the big slides and jump off the high dive – crazy kid! And while it will be a few years on those thrills, he loved being in the water. After a few good dips in water over his head all we heard was, "again! Again!" for the rest of the afternoon.

But every time we're in the water we try to get him to jump to us from the side of the pool, and he never wants to do it. It's the one thing in life he's hesitant and cautious about. He'll bend his little legs and act like he's going to jump, but then he'll sit down and slither into the water from the ledge. No jumping.

So it must be all that growing up he's been doing that suddenly inspired him to do THIS:


Obvious from the hooping and hollering during the video, we were excited. And not to worry, there was only one little head bonking incident (which I edited out of the video) and he didn't let it slow him down. He jumped several more times before he called it a day. 

One day at the pool.
10+ jumps off the side.
One head bonk.
A few tears.

One big boy.

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