Well, we made it. 40+ miles of hiking in 4 days. Those of you tuned in to Facebook and/or Twitter know that I reentered the world of social media with a bang as soon as I stepped back into any semblance of cellphone signal on Friday. What can I say? I missed you. I was getting the lack-of-technology shakes.

But I'm good now. The need to check-in at every stop and tweet every quirky airport sighting has subsided. I've spent most of the rest of the weekend looking through pictures and NOT being on my feet.

We had an amazing week at Yosemite and I owe you a full write-up complete with photos — but it will be a few days. I'm waiting on more photos from other folks in our group and I'll be spending time this week sorting through everything and getting all my details straight. I also wore my Garmin the whole time, so I have nerdy elevation stats and maps for you! Aren't you excited?!

In the meantime, here's a taste. A photo of Jeff and me with Half Dome in the background. SPOILER ALERT: I have photos of us standing on top of it!

Yosemite 117_edit

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