Allow me to introduce you to the latest in a series of Colt's… companions.

Cuc pics 008_edit

Vegetable. Cucumber, to be exact.

This kid…

Last Saturday, Colt and I went with my sister Becky to the Fayetteville Farmer's Market to find a dog. Becky had been talking to the Humane Society of the Ozarks about a specific dog for adoption, and this particular Saturday the Farmer's Market was dedicated to placing dogs in new homes. So we went.

We saw lots of dogs, but couldn't find the one Becky had her eye on. So we did a few laps around the square while Colt strained his grip on my hand to get a closer look at the tables and tables of fresh vegetables there to tempt him.

He kept saying he wanted a vegetable, and I kept kinda ignoring him. Look, Buddy! Dogs! Music! What do you wanna squash for?

But he didn't give up. So we made our way to a vegetable vendor and surveyed the selection.

Buddy, how about a tomato? Or maybe a squash.

He reached for an itty bitty cucumber.

Is that the one you want?

He put the itty bitty cucumber in his mouth and chomped on it.


So we had a cucumber. No dog. But we had a cucumber.

Photo 1

Honestly, I thought the cucumber would be forgotten by the time we got to the car. Not only was it not forgotten, but it had quickly secured its position as "Favorite Random Object of the Moment".

See, it's not the first. And likely won't be the last.

There was "My Baby".

Yardbaby 031_edit

The sweet little Asian girl with a fondness for animals who occupied Colt's clenched fist for weeks. More on My Baby, HERE.

Then there was the water bottle I was given at my first 5K.

Cuc pics 012_edit

Pronounced "dawter". He drank from nothing but this bottle for ages. I suspected it had more to do with the bottle itself and how similar it is to something Jeff or I would drink from, and not much at all to do with the liquid inside. Nonetheless, this bottle had dinner with us every night, rode with us in the car, and was constantly under his arm football-style for a very long while — and is still around though the obsession has softened.

And now. The Cucumber. It was a faithful companion  at the swimming pool, during naptime, and at church last weekend – among other things. And is safely tucked in the fridge, as we speak.

Photo 2

Sadly, Cucumber isn't aging gracefully and won't be with us quite as long as friends past. But Colt is determined to make the most of it.

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