A few weeks ago I posted about completing my second 5K, and – naturally – I celebrated with my friends and family via multiple social media outlets. But one Facebook comment in particular has stuck with me. My Uncle Brian commented: "you've kind of got that working toward a goal thing well in hand, eh?"

Yeah. I guess I do. For whatever reason, I've committed myself to this idea of planning excitement and spontaneity. Setting goals for myself that are fun and attainable and stimulating.

Which doesn't ENTIRELY sound like me, I know.

I'm not a thrill-seeker or a particularly outgoing, grab-life-by-the-horns kinda gal. But a little over three years ago, things started happening that shook me up a little. My brother Tom and my cousin Sherlock – both of them the grab-life-by-the-horns kinda people I was not – died tragically and much, much too soon. And I became a Mama, which has changed me in ways I can't even put into words. This intersection of life and death really put me in motion. And I remember having these swirling, overwhelming thoughts about how precious and fleeting and uncertain life is — and how important it is to really LIVE.

Tom and Sherlock didn't wait for "tomorrow". And without them, I was determined to be that inspiration for my own little guy. So I wrote THIS last year. At the time, it meant fun and spontaneity and trying something new.

"It?s not about having some sort of Cool Kid Resume when you die, it?s about making plans to break routine and intentionally filling your life with unforgettable moments. For me, it?s about taking inspiration from the ?cool? things I?ve already done and ensuring that I keep that adventurous spirit alive in myself. It?s about showing Colt, through my example, that life can be really, really fun. And that there?s just very little in this world that isn?t available to him."

When I wrote that, I couldn't have known how special to me this little project would become. I've already crossed off a few things and have plans to cross off a few more this year. But as much as it is absolutely about setting and working toward these 100 individual goals, it is so much more than that.

All of it. Every word of it. Every time I've ever said, "let's go there" or "let's try that". Every time I have the chance to put it off until "tomorrow". All of it.

"It?s about showing Colt, through my example, that life can be really, really fun. And that there?s just very little in this world that isn?t available to him."

That's it. That's the goal.

Colt_May 2011

3 thoughts on “While I’m Here

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your family. That must have been hard. I’m so glad you are able to be such a good example for your son.

  2. So sorry about your family members passing suddenly. Thank you for sharing this post. Your little man is very lucky to have such a great mom, who will teach him how to follow his dreams and live life to the fullest!

    On a slightly different note. Did I see in bloggy moms today that you signed up for a half marathon? :) I wanted to comment in bloggy moms but I’ve become very frustrated with that website because it never loads without difficulty or freezing up anymore.

    Just want you to know, a fellow blogging mommy runner is SO proud of you and I’m digging my pom poms out of the drawer right now!

    Go Sarah…Go Sarah…Go Sarah!! :)

    Many blessings my friend,

  3. and when it’s all done, you want your family to be able to say, “She LIVED.” it means no regrets, no looking back and saying “if only”. no try. only DO.

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