I have had a love/hate relationship with Sonic for years now. {Pause while I search my Archives for Sonic stories.} {More pausing while I re-read said Sonic stories and have a good, nostalgic chuckle.}

I present to you:

The Ice Famine
The Tip/No Tip Debate
The time I caught someone eating food off the ground
Frito Burrito Incident
In which I order Diet Coke and would actually like DIET Coke
The time I thought the manager might have a crush on me
The REAL reason I go through Johnson


But I didn't get all dolled up in my pajamas to type out a list of old Sonic stories. Nope. There's a new injustice on the horizon.

Early in the week, I drove through Sonic for a nip of Diet Sprite. (Yes, I've stuck with the No Diet Coke thing. It's much easier than I anticipated.) I hadn't ordered one in a while so it only crossed my mind for a second that the price seemed off. I dismissed it. Later that day I saw a few friends post on Facebook about the new – HIGHER – cost of Sonic drinks. I KNEW it didn't sound right! They raised the price 10%! Crazy talk!

I paused to remember how much I've cut down on Sonic drinks and that – over time – I could learn to accept this new reality.

But then.

I was at Sonic. Again. To get lunch for my home-from-school, sick-and-pitiful child and myself. And I noticed they have shiny new menus. How fancy! And there are signs everywhere warning of "New Combo Numbers" so I took the time to actually READ the new menu. 

I thought I must be missing an entire section somewhere.  So when the carhop voice came over the little speaker, I asked. Umm, where's all the chicken? Am I missing something?

Carhop Voice: Well, we've discontinued most of it. What are you looking for?
Me: *Combination jaw drop and face scrunch*

I was a little glad she wasn't standing there in front of me like at a traditional restaurant.

I told her which sandwich I usually order and she told me they could still make it, but "pretty soon" it would be discontinued. Silly me and my crazy exotic chicken sandwich…

But then.

I was at Sonic. Again. To get lunch for my STILL-home-from-school, STILL-sick-and-pitiful child and myself. And I decided to do a much more thorough scan of the menu. 

  • Still no chicken. Well, not MY chicken. They still have chicken strips.
  • Some additional burgers and those weirdo new hot dogs with pickles and tomatoes on them. What's THAT all about?
  • A noticeable emphasis on tots over fries — not a SINGLE french fry is pictured on the entire menu. All tots.
  • And here's the kicker… are you ready?… no Frito Burrito.

I confirmed it with the carhop when she brought our food. The Frito Burrito is no more. My dreams of one day teaching Colt about the heavenly goodness that is the Frito Burrito – dashed. Now, it's just a legend.

Frito Burrito, people! It was in the unofficial running for "Food I Most Want to Eat Immediately After Finishing My First (hypothetical) Marathon". 

Higher prices? Discontinued favorite menu items? I believe the love/hate relationship has staying power.

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  1. Sarah, Too funny! I just read your post. You should add my whole “styrofoam is way thinner and flimsier than it used to be” to your argument of the love/hate relationship.

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