Running goes geek.

Running is a beautifully simple sport. No special equipment. No ball or net or boundary lines or fouls or time limits. Just you and a pair of shoes.

I was recently talking to a friend about this very thing. About how inexpensive it is and relatively easy to schedule around family obligations — and we talked specifically about this not needing any special equipment.


You knew it was only a matter of time before I shattered the simplicity of my new favorite sport with something completely complicated and nerdy, right?

Believe it or not, this is in addition to the iPhone/iPod I already wear on my arm while running. Because I have yet to gain any appreciation for this listen-to-your-body-listen-to-your-breathing-concentrate-on-your-feet-hitting-the-pavement thing. I like to listen to embarassing, boy band music instead.

So Gadget #1 has been with me since day one. I now give you, Gadget #2.


I am now, quite literally, wearing a computer on my wrist while I run.

And it's A-W-E-S-O-M-E.

I'm an Owner's Manual reading type. And I don't just consult the manual. I READ it. I might be the only person you know who uses a bookmark in an Owner's Manual. This new toy has more than a few bells and whistles, so I'm still working through all the features — but so far it is simple and user-friendly. And I've already used it for two runs!

Here's a shot of how I spent my Saturday morning:

Nothing spectacularly fast, but let me tell you THIS. I've run that same path around the lake a handful of times in the last few weeks, and I've timed it at around 1:13 almost every time. With Mr. Garmin along for the ride? 1:05! I give him all the credit.

Just for fun, here's Sunday morning:

I know! It's cool! And that's just the tip of the iceberg. This thing has over 30 different data fields I can view either while I'm running or after I download everything to my computer. Pace, distance, elevation, heart rate. Average, instantaneous, lap. The geekyness goes on and on. The only thing I wish it had – a thermometer. And maybe something to measure humidity. But now I'm just being picky.

It is encouraging to already see some results albeit minor. And as I learn more about it, I hope it will become less and less a shiny new toy and more and more a training tool. I pinky swear not to drown you or this blog in Garmin data charts for every run/race I ever do, but I have to warn you Jeff and I are already thinking of all the terrifically nerdy things we can do with this thing on our hiking trip to Yosemite in July. Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “Running goes geek.

  1. Thanks for coming over to my blog frog community! I love connecting w/ other moms who love to run! You have an awesome blog!!

  2. great post! have been musing about a garmin myself, but know NOTHING about them, so this was really useful. which model did you get?


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