Over the river and through the woods

I convinced Jeff to take the plunge with me and we tried Trail Running this weekend. You know – like this:


Hobbs State Park is Arkansas' largest state park and it's right here in our backyard. After seeing pieces of it this weekend, we're ready to take a day trip there with Colt to do some more exploring. Maybe when it's not so gosh darn hot…

Lessons learned:

  1. Running music. The more embarrassing, the better. I'm lookin' at you Britney. I've pretty much had to download an entire new library of iTunes since I started running, because wouldn't you know it but it's tough to run to the beat of George Strait or Johnny Cash.
  2. There are no heroes on the hills. I ran full speed up the first hill on the trail, passing people left and right. Walkers!? Pansies!  My friends, there's a VERY good reason people walk up those hills. Newbie lesson – learned the hard way. (Quick note to self: Run more hills…)
  3. Pack light. Jeff ran this race with me. A first. Also a first — I didn't have anyone to wrangle my "stuff". That itty bitty pocket in the back of my running shorts is just the right size for our car key and a tube of Chapstick. I compulsively checked every 30 seconds along the trail. Still there. Still there. Yep, still there.
  4. Shade trees don't block out humidity. Most of the trail was through the trees so it was shady and – dare I say – cooler, but good gracious was it humid.

There was a photographer snapping pictures at the start line, and – though Jeff smoked me by nearly 10 minutes – there is proof that we did actually START the race together.

DSC_0371 (2)

Since Jeff was running too I didn't have my usual paparazzi at the finish line so a few hazy iPhone pics will have to suffice.

Photo1_edit Photo3_edit


We ran the short race – only 4 miles – so we finished in a weird spot. This was our finish line — the blue flags. Kinda anti-climactic. But we hopped on a shuttle that dropped us back at the start/finish line for the 9mile/25K/50K so we could celebrate with the rest of the finishers as they came across the line. Below: With our finisher medals — clay arrowheads — pretty cool.


I hope you're enjoying these weekend running/race updates as much as I am. I'm trying to ride this exercise wave as far as it will take me. (Let's hope it has enough steam to carry me through an Arkansas summer.)

2 thoughts on “Over the river and through the woods

  1. That looks right up our alley. How fun! (I also see you jumped right into the Nike running shorts club…aren’t they fantastic with the built in underwear?!!)

  2. 1. You are in danger of becoming a runaholic.
    2. I cannot believe Amy posted a comment that included the words “built in underwear.”

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