It's true. We are low maintenance birthday people. No big parties and no fuss. I suppose it's fair to say we "observe" birthdays rather than "celebrate" them.

But somehow, this year, we managed to celebrate twice. Once when my parents were here for Mother's Day back in May. And again when we went to Jeff's parents' house for Father's Day this weekend.

Bdayfathersday 081_edit

I still can't believe he tolerated that hat!

Colt's cousin Will is having a birthday soon, too. So we had a joint party for the two birthday boys.

Bdayfathersday 065_edit

I don't think I got a photo of the two boys together, but here is Will with his Dad. Happy 12th birthday, Will!

Bdayfathersday 092_edit

Will wasn't feelin' the candles, so Colt pinch hit for him after he took care of his own.

Bdayfathersday 066_edit

Bdayfathersday 076_edit

Bdayfathersday 064_edit

Possibly my favorite pictures of the day (other than the Three Year Old Club gang sign photo above) are these next ones. I have no idea why people insist on taking photos like this. You know – the "ok, hold up your present so Mama can see." photos.  As you can see, he humored me. But didn't even try to conceal his impatience.

Bdayfathersday 101_edit

Bdayfathersday 107_edit

Bdayfathersday 108_edit

But the last present was the kicker. He couldn't help but smile for this one!

Bdayfathersday 112_edit

Bdayfathersday 113_edit

Golf clubs! Legend has it Tiger Woods started playing when he was three, so we thought we'd see what happens — though we'd be happy with a #2 Golfer in the World who manages to stay out of the gossip headlines!

Bdayfathersday 119_edit

Another birthday in the books. Thanks to Ninny and Pop, and Aunt Sarah & Uncle Frank for helping us celebrate. It was a special day, indeed.

Bdayfathersday 094_edit

We rounded out our weekend at Ninny and Pop's with some playing outside (in short, sweaty bursts – it's HOT in central Arkansas!) and some bedtime stories with Ninny.

Bdayfathersday 050_edit

Colt's birthday father's day 034

Bdayfathersday 143_edit

Happy birthday to Colt and Will! And Happy Father's Day from all three Hoodlums!

Bdayfathersday 160_edit

2 thoughts on “Birthday! Again!

  1. Colt is SO darn cute! Hope to see him sometime, soon. Are you coming to the wedding in August?
    Miss you.
    Summer “mom” :)

  2. He looks so happy! See, children NEED birthday parties.

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