Plenty of Time to Panic

It is T minus 30 days until my precious angel snowflake baby wild monkey-child turns three.

THREE, people.

Terrible Twos be damned. Time marches on.

And you would think – with a full year to prepare – Moms would be better at this stuff. And, to be fair, I was. I think I'm slipping.

Right after Colt's first birthday, I used Shutterfly to create a photo book of his entire first year — from the day we found out I was pregnant until his first birthday. It was a pretty intensive project, but I was able to use all 4 million photos I took in that year and I pulled in a lot of stories and journaling from this blog — and the result is a keepsake that is very, very special to us. Jeff and I flip through the book from time to time and show Colt the photos. I can only imagine how much that book will mean to me as time passes.

And since that first one was such a hit, I did a sequel. I started right away (after his first birthday) and I kept up with each month of photos and journaling — as they happened. I sat down on a regular basis to craft each section of the Second Year Book, and by the time his second birthday approached — I was ready. All I had left to add was our family photo taken on his actual birthday.

I vowed to use this method of "scrapbook as you go" for the Third Year Book, too. Now that I had seen how efficient it was to do a few pages at a time instead of 100 pages (seriously, 100 pages…) all at once — why would I ever go back? Why WOULDN'T I do myself a big, fat favor and NOT procrastinate?


His birthday is 30 days away. And not only have I not kept up with my "a few pages every few weeks" plan, but I HAVEN'T DONE A SINGLE PAGE. I'm not even exaggerating. I have a file open in my Shutterfly account and it's labeled "Colt Third Year Book".  And… that's it. 100 blank pages, folks.

I struggle to even think of an excuse. I — just let it slip. I remember naming the file last summer and thinking "Third Year Book" just sounded like FOREVER away, so I guess I treated it that way. And whadda ya know? His birthday came right on schedule. And here we are, 30 days until the big 3, and I have 100 blank pages.

So I'm torn.

Do I spend the next 30 days photo booking like a mad woman? Combing back through my blog and folders of photos from the last year – frantically trying to meet my own, arbitrary deadline? 

Or do I spend that time flipping through Book 1 and Book 2 – sniffling and crying and nostalgia-ing myself into oblivion?

Decisions, decisions.

Click here to view this photo book larger


Click here to view this photo book larger

2 thoughts on “Plenty of Time to Panic

  1. I have let this year slide too. The other I looked and had not done anything in the boys books since Halloween. I WILL catch up though!

  2. I love Shutterfly! I have made some photobooks too, they are great. Especially since I am HORRIBLE about making albums. I would say still make the 3 year book but don’t pressure yourself to have it done in 30 days. Maybe it will be cute to include some photos from his actual birthday too.

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