My Journey to the Big 3-0

No, not THAT 3-0. Though it will be here before I know it, I'm sure.

This weekend I was poised and ready to break the 30 minute mark for a 5K. I had seen the flyer for this cute little race in my goody bag from the Cow Paddy 5K back in April.


Seriously. How cute is that?

So I decided it was reasonable to do a race every month and this would be my race for the month of May. Done. Skunk Run it is.

And of COURSE all the weather reports said it would be raining like crazy that morning! OF COURSE! Because I chose to start entering races in the spring! In Northwest Arkansas! Where the weather has evidently lost its everloving mind lately.

So I was ready – again – to run in the rain. And… the weather cleared up just in time for the race – again! Yah!

And since the weather cooperated, my boys joined me for the pre-race festivities.

Skunk 008_edit

And – as is becoming the tradition – I had a running friend and inspiration to talk to as we warmed up and awaited the start.

Skunk 007_edit

That would be my friend Alix, who completed the Little Rock Half Marathon last year. She is nursing an injury so we didn't run together very long on Saturday, but I'm getting closer and closer to having the courage to set a big running goal like a few of my running girlfriends have set — and accomplished. We shall see.

And we were off! I'm so lucky to have my own personal paparazzi at these events.

Skunk 015_edit

Skunk 016_edit

The first leg of the race was downhill and I felt like I was flying. What a great start! I felt really good and for a minute there I was certain the little voice on my iPod HAD to be wrong about my pace. No WAY I was moving that fast. Thank you, gravity.

As the course flattened out the humidity seemed to go through the roof. It was nice and breezy, but muggy as all get out. And my quick start translated into a struggle around the beginning of mile 3. What WAS nice though, was that the course was SO flat and open you could see the finish line from about a half mile away. Eyes on the prize. 

Skunk 022_edit

The first time I saw the above photo I assumed it was just a shot of a random pack of runners during the race. Then I looked more closely.

Skunk 022_edit_arrow

"How did you get these pictures of me so far away? How did you know I was coming? Lucky guess?"

"Sarah, you have a very unique running style. Kinda like John Wayne's walk."

He's not wrong.

Skunk 023_edit

Skunk 024_edit

The other foot does it, too.

So maybe we'll work on FORM before the next race…

Either way, I pushed like hell to reach that finish line – knowing I was pretty close to my 30 minute goal.

Skunk 025_edit

(Photo courtesy of What My Eyes Have Seen.)

But I missed it.


By 43 seconds.

Which is a bummer.

But I'll survive.

Because I shaved over two and a half minutes off my previous best time of 33:19. Which is almost a minute per mile!

And because my little guy was cheering for me at the finish line.

Skunk 034_edit

And because I got one of these totally cute, skunk tail shirts for running the race.

Skunk 039_edit

And because I know there will be another race. And now I know what (alllllmost) breaking 30 minutes feels like.

Don't bother just to be better than your contemporaries or predecessors. Try to be better than yourself. – William Faulkner

3 thoughts on “My Journey to the Big 3-0

  1. I would like to add that you have sexy legs. :)

  2. Sarah, great job! I think you’ve run enough of these 5K’s….it’s time to up your game to a half-marathon. {big smile} You can do it! I’ve only raced in 5K’s…a handful of them…and I just registered to run my first ever half marathon in October.

    I’m totally nervous, but the course is beautiful…one where I’ll feel like I’m running with God all around me…and I’m already focused on my training. Care to join me for the challenge? I know you’re in a different state, but you could find one near you and we can cheer each other on along our training journey. :)

    Just a thought.

    Many blessings,

  3. I followed your link over from blogfrog and here I am! I, too, am aiming for an under 30 minute 5K (my next race is July 9th). I missed it by 24 seconds on my very first race:(

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