Get Out of Jail Free

Scene in doctor's office waiting room yesterday —

SARAH is mindlessly flipping through a magazine and minding her own business. The magazine happens to have a photo of the recent royal wedding on the cover. Of course it does.

STRANGER is sitting a few feet away, wrangling a boy SARAH assumes to be STRANGER'S GRANDSON. He's approximately eight years old.

STRANGER: That was such a beautiful wedding, huh? I taped it.

SARAH, distracted and amused by the antiquated terminology, looks up to see who STRANGER is addressing. She realizes STRANGER is looking at her and pointing to the magazine. Before SARAH can respond STRANGER'S GRANDSON cuts in.

STRANGER'S GRANDSON: Grandma, you only tape COPS.

(awkward pause)

SARAH, miraculously stifling laughter, opts to show mercy on STRANGER and quietly go back to her magazine, pretending as if the exchange never happened.

You're welcome, Stranger.

3 thoughts on “Get Out of Jail Free

  1. Love the way you wrote this! Hope you’re having a great day so far! :)


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  3. HI there!!

    Nice blog !!
    I got here through the versatile blogger award and I am glad I did!! :)

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