Everything is as it should be

I married a really good guy.

And I usually show my love and respect for him by NOT writing about him on my blog. Since Colt was born, I've had to push some boundaries by showing Jeff in more photos here and there, but I try to be respectful of the fact that I am the one who's chosen to put my life and thoughts and ramblings out on the internet – not him.

To my knowledge this is the only post in 6+ years of blogging that is even remotely focused on my hubby. Stay tuned in 6 more years – you never know.


We had a meeting at Colt's school yesterday. We both attended.

Does that sound particularly notable to you? Monumental, even?

Yeah, we didn't think so either. But evidently, it is. As we wrapped up the meeting Colt's teachers made a big deal out of thanking Jeff for being there. "We don't get a lot of… Dads."

And it's not the first time. We get the same type of comments nearly every time we go to a parent/teacher conference or doctor's appointment or anything else "typically" taken care of by Moms.

Until yesterday, I didn't think much of it. Jeff and I both always kinda laughed and shrugged and wondered, "well, what else would we do?"

But after yesterday, I couldn't stop thinking about it. Is this where we are, this society of ours? Teachers and doctors raise an eyebrow and go so far as to THANK a Dad who makes time to take an active role? It makes me cringe. Are Dads that far gone? Do we consider it "babysitting" when they hang out with their kiddos? Are they only interested in the fun stuff? The soccer games and roughhousing? What about the 2 a.m. feedings? The potty training? The staying home from school with a fever? The dirty diapers and time outs and homework?

I'm going to go on ahead and steal my own Father's Day thunder by telling you I have a really, really good Dad on my hands. One who does not accept any of the societal nonsense that lets men believe they no longer "wear the pants" if they do the "Mom stuff". I don't know if I always realize how lucky we are to agree on an all-in style of parenting. Or how lucky I am that he is as devoted to the "Mom stuff" as he is to the "Dad stuff". To him, it's KID stuff.

Some of you know him and you know that he would consider himself properly thanked and appreciated if I never, ever mentioned it, but I just can't help myself.

This guy loves his kid. And he takes this Dad thing pretty darn seriously. And I am so, so thankful for that.

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6 thoughts on “Everything is as it should be

  1. This is so sweet and I am so happy that Colt was born into this world with two wonderful people to care for him with such love.

    I agree with your statement about Dads. I remember when my Stepson Clark was in Grade School [he now attends Penn State]. On teacher/conference day there were 4 of us. Clark’s Dad, Mom, Step-Dad and I all showed up at the appointed time. The teacher was shocked! She said most divorced parents would not even show up together and commonly would be scheduled on different days so that there would be no chance of passing in the halls.

  2. Amen! I could have never married a man who didn’t want to parent right along with me. If you want to get Matt riled up, call time he spends with the kids “babysitting”. Jeff is a great dad, and Colt will be a better boy, man, husband and father someday because of it.

  3. He is a keeper :)

  4. Well Jeff has always been a good uncle (despite the fact that he used to hold me upside down by my ankles and bang my head on the floor), so I had a feeling he’d be a great dad.

  5. So precious girl!! =) I love reading your stories & how you write!!!

  6. I knew Jeff was a good guy way back at NLU….

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