I am equal opportunity when it comes to clutter. I have it all. Six foot pile of outgrown baby clothes – begging to be sorted. Bathroom cabinet stuffed with every hair product I've ever bought, tried, hated, but convinced myself I would someday need again. Plastic cups from every college function Jeff or I have attended in the last 20 some odd years – NLU, ULM, UA.  Bottles, pumps, playmats and burp cloths for a baby that's been, well, not really a baby anymore for about two years.

And there it is. My big excuse. I have a two year old. Feel sorry for me! Give me a break! Don't write in my dust!

I thought about posting before-and-after photos of some of these projects, but I might incriminate otherwise innocent people and I'd probably have to put up some sort of ADVISORY! AVERT YOUR EYES! warning. And who wants that? Just use your imagination. I'm sure you'll get close.

I'm home this week. Munchkin is at school. And I'm making all kinds of progress.

It's the morning of Day 3 of my little cleaning staycation. I AM GETTING THINGS DONE. I might be startling the garbage man in the process and reminding him to set his DVR for Hoarders, but I AM GETTING THINGS DONE.

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One thought on “Project Purge

  1. I’ve been doing the 30 day Organize-athon, and it’s been great for eliminating the clutter!

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