No offense, Matt Lauer.

Hello-my-name-is Here's the thing. I love The Today Show. LOVE. My day doesn't really start until I have a little Matt, Meredith, Al and Ann. The show is truly a staple for me, but I find myself increasingly irritated by its schizophrenia.

Honestly, I mean where else can I start my day with Ann Curry's updates on the latest global crisis alongside a recap of Charlie Sheen's weekend? Lately, they've given about 10% of total airtime to preparations for a wedding within a royal family OF ANOTHER COUNTRY and just this week I was able to catch up with "The Hiccup Girl", who has managed to parlay her hiccup fame into a recent murder accusation. 

But hey – these are the REASONS I watch Today. This is what I call news. Seriously. I love that my election coverage was sprinkled with Jon & Kate nonsense. I love that I could count on Peter Alexander to supply my daily Bronx Zoo Cobra update.

But I'm afraid they may have gone too far. They've killed a sacred cow and I cannot keep quiet.

In what I can only assume is an attempt to appear hip and trendy and connected, Today has started featuring a popular YouTube video – almost weekly. When possible, they even have the person or family responsible for the video on the show for an interview.

You've probably seen these videos posted on Facebook or you've received them in an email with the subject line "This video is so cute! You HAVE to watch it!" — the baby laughing at ripping paper, the couple with the cool wedding processional, the baby "scared" of nose blowing, the twins "talking" to each other —

They ARE cute. They ARE worth watching. But they don't belong on Today.

Maybe. Just maybe. Someone should create a TV show specifically for these types of funny videos. You know, the ones made by amateur moms and dads and families. No professionals. No fancy equipment. Just a video camera and a candid moment. Maybe this TV show could collect ALL these funny videos and showcase them in a way that people would really enjoy and appreciate.

Ahh yes. Been around for 2o years now. (Actually, I just looked it up — America's Funniest Home Videos has been on since November of 1989! It's in its 21st season!) And though I personally think Bob Saget was the heart and soul of the show and the original theme song still brings tears to my eyes — the show remains a classic. Home videos + corny commentating = 21 seasons of pure gold.

So, Today Show. I hope this is a phase. I hope it's just a short-lived, minor little identity crisis. It's not "news" that someone shot a funny home video. It didn't require any investigative journalism to find this stuff. Look! I have a whole YouTube channel full of them! Naturally, I think MY home videos are adorable and undoubtedly worthy of being featured on a morning news and talk show — but if it's all the same to you, I think I'd rather have the 10 grand.

5 thoughts on “No offense, Matt Lauer.

  1. PLEASE tell me you don’t condone the last hour of The Today Show. Hoda and Kathie Lee getting drunk on television every morning is unbearable.

    “America, America, this is you!” (I remember the theme song too)

  2. LOL! Very well said. I used to watch the Today show every morning for years, but then I just couldn’t watch it anymore when Katie Couric left.

    Thanks for the laugh!


  3. I’m sorry, I am a die-hard Good Morinig America fan. But, just so you don’t feel bad, they too have shown the “talking twins.” You are right our news has been taken over by fluff, but, personally I like my moring news that way. I need an occasional fluff piece next to the very sobering news of the day. I found you on Bloggy Moms and am a new follower, even though you watch a rival moring show! Lol!


    Thank you for popping by my blogfrog community.

  5. So true!! America;s Funniest Video’s is a classic, and I too would definitely rather the money than a plug on the news!! Thanks for visiting my blog, I hope you’ll come back:)

    Angie @

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