No shortage of headlines around here: First 5K! Freakish Floods! Back to work Tuesday after 10 days off!

But Easter! We had Easter!

This year, I gave up Diet Coke for Lent. I don't do coffee so Diet Coke was my morning beverage. Well… morning, mid-morning, lunchtime, mid-afternoon and evening beverage… if we're being honest. It was a caffeine habit and security blanket that was spinning slightly out of control — and it made for the perfect Lenten sacrifice.

Coincidentally, Lent lined up nicely with my 5K training so some days it was particularly hard to find non-caffeine energy to power my workouts.  But I made it. And I was pretty excited to get my first Sonic Diet Coke on Easter morning. Between church service and the Easter Potluck, we drove through to get drinks and I couldn't get my straw in fast enough.

*First sip.*


(Thinking my brain must have shorted out.) *Second sip.*

Still gross.


I dutifully and obediently sacrificed my Diet Coke for 40 days — and now I could barely swallow it. We headed back to church to enjoy the potluck and I honestly think I had another four or five sips of that beautiful Diet Coke the whole afternoon. And Jeff threw it out as we left for home. No sense in keeping a big heavy cup of watered-down cola.

I don't think I'm willing to give up on my old friend completely. But I was really hoping we'd be like those long distance friends that keep in touch via Facebook and text. The ones that can go months and years without seeing each other, but when they do they just pick up where they left off – as if no time had passed.  But maybe we've outgrown each other – me and DC.

So since Lent was obviously a raging success, I guess it's only fair that Easter was a rainy, soggy mess. But it didn't stop us from spotting our very own Easter Bunny in the backyard Sunday morning!

Easter 002_edit

Easter 004_edit

You see him? By the fence post on the left? Colt named him "Badger." And wasn't too keen on him eating "all the grass!" Poor little Badger will hide under the deck if he knows what's good for him. This photo was taken before it REALLY started to rain.

We had big plans to do an outside picnic/potluck at the park – games, egg hunting, food. But we moved the whole shebang inside and had just as much fun. LOTS of pictures on The Harbor's Facebook page. LINK RIGHT HERE. And here's one of us in our Easter duds after church.

Easter 037_edit2

Ok – and one more. Colt's class had an Easter Egg Hunt Friday afternoon and I couldn't for the life of me convince him to put the eggs in his basket. He had a much better plan.

Cowpaddy 017_edit

Happy Easter!

2 thoughts on “And Easter!

  1. 1. That is a GREAT picture of the three of you!

    2. The Diet Coke will taste better next time.

    3. 46 days. Not 40.

  2. All pictures were awesome – each made me smile. I gave up Diet Dr. Pepper for Lent a few years back. I can relate to your re-entry problems but it didn’t take me long to be back in the game. HOWEVER, [and for no real reason] I have stopped drinking soda again. I think it started with an attempt to lose weight. I have been soda free for almost 3 weeks, however, I still drink coffee!

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