You see that?

Sunshinyday 031_edit

That sunshine?

Sunshinyday 016_edit

That sunshine right there?

Sunshinyday 003_edit

And that boy?

Sunshinyday 021_edit

That boy right there?

Sunshinyday 002_edit

The one enjoying every single minute of the sunshine and the daylight…

Sunshinyday 029_edit

And the dog park…

Sunshinyday 043_edit

Sunshinyday 044_edit

And all the dirt and sticks and things to climb on between here and the dog park?

Sunshinyday 052_edit

Yep. That boy?

Sunshinyday 023_edit

And that sunshine?

Sunshinyday 063_edit

That makes me happy.


One thought on “Happy Place

  1. I absolutely LOVE that last picture!!

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