And not the belly button kind.

I have now gone more than 24 hours without a Diet Coke. So far, so good.

I can't decide if it should be considered cheating or not, but I used this last week to wean myself from the 3+ Route 44s I HAD been having each day down to a reasonable 1 or 2 small doses of my personal poison. It was so strange to drive through Sonic each morning and order a Medium rather than my usual 5 gallon bucket. And the whole situation was radical enough that it attracted attention from my coworkers. They have walked by this week, pointing and laughing at the itty bitty Sonic cup on my desk. "Whose drink is THAT?"

The first few days I found myself finishing my morning drink in no time at all then hesitating to Il_570xN.12739684 throw it away. Around lunch time one day, I realized I'd been holding onto the empty cup, carrying it to meetings – like a security blanket.

All in preparation for today.

I have observed Lent most of my life. I can remember as a kid I could always count on the Easter Bunny to bring me chocolate or peanut butter or Diet Coke after I'd gone without those things during Lent. I've grown up with this incredibly special, meaningful time of year.

But about 3 o'clock today, as I absentmindedly reached over for the 700th time for the Diet Coke that WASN'T on my desk, I had to check myself before I turned around in my chair to ask if anyone else needed some Sonic Happy Hour.

And I suppose it's absolutely appropriate that this week is one of the busiest at work that I've had in a LONG time. A week when I could really use that security blanket. But it all reminds me what a perfect sacrifice this is for me. I'm glad it isn't easy.


I came across this fantastic video today – in case you've always wondered what Lent is all about. VIDEO HERE.

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