I don't really run. We've covered this. Remember?

But! I recently committed myself to running anyway. Because I'm that kind of crazy. And because I have this curious urge to do and try things — that I've never done or tried. That's right, this running nonsense is on my Life List. It's official. Right there at #37. Just – run.

So. Since it was my one and only "resolution" this year to cross (at least) five items off the list. And… since it's March 24th and I've yet to cross off a single one… it's about time we get this thing in gear, yeah?

Care to make it interesting?

I'm always bragging about the power of social media. I believe in it – strongly – as an efficient tool for information, impact and influence. So I propose a little experiment in the name of raising money for cancer research and prevention. 1000 Good Reasons

April 30th is the 13th Annual Ozark Race for the Cure. This week, I signed on to the Saatchi & Saatchi X Race Team and took on a $100 fundraising goal. After casually posting about the race on Facebook Tuesday night, I had nearly met my original $100 goal by Wednesday morning so I raised it to $200. By that afternoon, I was more than halfway to the NEW goal so I raised it AGAIN to $300.

See where I'm going with this? Almost without trying, I raised $135 for Komen in less than 24 hours.

There are 37 days between now and April 30th. Let's see how powerful social media can be. I just raised my goal to $1000.

Please post this link to Facebook, Twitter, your blog — whatever you can do. The link to donate is HERE. I genuinely hope I'm forced to raise that goal — at least once more. And if you're in NWA and you aren't already on a race team, let me know. You can run for the SSX Team!

1000 reasons to run.

All it takes is all you got. – Anonymous


2 thoughts on “1000 Good Reasons

  1. A company is sponsoring the group I run with, so I am not paying an entry…I am pledging my 10k entry fee to your goal (but I have to wait until April 1)! Good Job and keep up the running!

  2. That’s amazing!! Good luck and I hope you have a lot of fun running in the race. I think you’ll get addicted once you run one. ;)

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