In December, we saw my parents a few times for my sister Laura's wedding and then for Christmas. To my knowledge, these are the only times Colt has ever laid eyes on my Dad's car, a silver Toyota Prius.

So after seeing the car a few times, listen when I tell you my 2 year old can pick out a Prius from A MILE AWAY. I'm not joking. And I'm not talking about a learned trick. From his carseat in the backseat, he will call out "Papaw's Car!" as we're driving down the road. And he has not been wrong a single time. The Prius can be any color – so he's not just noticing other silver cars. Green, blue, white, IStock_000009238032XSmall black – anything. And it can be facing any direction. Driving away from us, crossing left to right in front of the car, coming toward us – you name it.

It's like Slug Bug. But intense. He picks out my car (again, any color) and he picks out Jeff's car (he's got around a 90% hit rate with this one — Camrys sometimes trip him up) — but those don't surprise me. He sees our cars every day. But his other favorite is my sister Becky's car - an Oldsmobile Alero. Any color. Any day. Any time. "BecBec's Car!"

I don't know if it's appropriate to attribute it to watching Cars 1700 times in the last 30 days or something more inborn, but it's reached the point of eerie. I could see if he were good at pointing out police cars or firetrucks (which he is) or if one of us drove a very distinct car, easy to spot. But these are your everyday little Toyotas — no one's driving a Ferrari here.

Yeah, this? We've upgraded. Big time.

2 thoughts on “Things that go – v2.0

  1. I think it runs in the blood. As kids, John was able to identify cars by make and model and Eric knew the different kinds of large construction equipment and airplanes. Perhaps it’s a boy thing.

  2. Our grandson Jackson had this uncanny ability to name cars at age 2…he’s now 16 and has just bought his first one! I’m another Arkansas blogger, just outside Rogers on Beaver Lake. Come visit me at Granny Mountain!

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