Just when I thought I may have overextended myself in an extracurricular sense, Old Man Winter went and sent me two snow days! Monday at work I made myself a "to do" list so I could at least FEEL like I had a handle on things – and without including either my actual job or my parenting responsibilities, it was still a little intimidating.

I have several projects going right now – which is exciting, honestly. And fun. But this week was looking a little over the top until the snow arrived and forced a big, much-needed slooooooooooow doooooooooooooown.

Perfect timing.

Sure, the snow is a bit of an inconvenience. And it meant I had to work from home for a few days. And it meant no Sonic for 48 whole hours. And the mere mention of it sent all the crazies in a 50 mile radius to the store Monday night to loot the shelves of every last egg, loaf of bread and carton of milk in sight.

But it also meant some good old fashioned down time. Veg on the couch in sweats – time. Stand at the window and watch the snow – time. Take a walk with my two favorite boys – time.

And THAT'S what this girl needed.

Snowday 006_edit

Snowday 009_edit

Snowday 015_edit

Snowday 021_edit

Snowday 031_edit

Snowday 033_edit

Snowday 034_edit

Snowday 050_edit

Snowday 036_edit

Snowday 035_edit

Snowday 040_edit

Snowday 058_edit

As I snapped that last one I couldn't help but remember this little beauty from the summer.

Summer 077_edit

Those boys.


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One thought on “Snow day sanity

  1. I had the most fun watching Colt “shovel” ice. He’s a hard working fella. Thanks for sharing. Keep em coming.

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