"We still do both," I answered in the weeks leading up to Christmas when asked about our plans.

I would usually get a scrunched face and a knowing, sympathetic look. Evidently, it's the thing to do now to swap holidays with your different families to cut down on travel time and such. You know, visit Dad's family for Thanksgiving and Mom's family at Christmas — then switch for next year.

Apparently, we're old school. We do both.

A perfect storm of circumstances got us into this predicament and, honestly, I don't think we mind. All the Hoods only get together once a year, so we want in on that. And the Martins all have ONE little boy to spoil!

So! Two Christmases!

But first, there was the pre-party. I sent a camera to school with Colt in hopes of capturing a few gems from his class Christmas party. Mission: Accomplished.

Ccc_xmasparty 025_edit

Please notice that the frosting is being enjoyed as a mess only. Very little of it made it into his mouth. That's my boy!

Ccc_xmasparty 019_edit Ccc_xmasparty 029_edit

Ccc_xmasparty 027_edit

I would have been there myself if not for this pesky conscience of mine that kept me and my flu-like germs at home. We'll be there next year, Buddy.

Stupid flu also derailed my plans to procrastinate all holiday shopping and baking till the weekend before Christmas. Yeah. That didn't work AT ALL. We didn't get to our gingerbread house, but I have half a mind to do it this week anyway. Stupid flu.

While I was procrastinating, Santa's elf (a.k.a. Grandpa Martin) was hard at work. I loved gettingPhoto 2_edit 
periodic photos with Grandpa's progress in the workshop. You'll see pictures in a minute, but my Dad built a Lego table for Colt that is perfect perfect perfect. He's played on it every day since we got home.

In fact, he's been in overdrive. I think he opened more presents at Christmas this year than the number of toys we previously had in our entire house. But I'm pretty sure we got through the entire week without opening a single toy that requires batteries! God love Hot Wheels and Legos. (Aunt Sarah: I WILL find a way to repay you for giving my two year old cymbals and maracas!)

Ok – one last thing before we get to the deluge of Christmas pictures. This is too good not to share. We usually play games at both the Hoods' and the Martins', but the Martins tend to be more… animated. The game is Rigamarole. And it's kind of a combo of Charades, Pictionary, and Taboo. The teams were Grandma/Grandpa, Laura/Leo, Becky/Sarah. Colt and Jeff cheered us on.

Martin Family – Rigamarole. Christmas 2010 from Sarah Hood on Vimeo.

So! Two Christmases! Puzzles and cars, lots of football and lots of cousins at the Hoods'. Legos, Bass Pro, and new family members to introduce to the Razorbacks at the Martins'.

Christmas 2010 from Sarah Hood on Vimeo.

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3 thoughts on “This Christmas

  1. L-O-V-E that video. I laughed so loud at the bullriding that Abby came running. A teeny bit of advice, though. No matter how much you want to win a game, NEVER yell “beached whale” when referring to your sisters and mother :)

  2. Thank you Nancy I completely agree! Job well done Sarah, these videos are priceless :)

  3. Sounds and looks like a perfect Christmas!!

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