Snowday 022_edit

We don't have too many traditions, but this is one we've managed to uphold since the year we were married. Our annual family picture in the snow. We head outside at the first sign of snow — it's a bonus if we manage a picture in actual FALLING snow. We were a little slow on the trigger this year, but a cute pic nonetheless. Enjoy the snow pics of the past right HERE.

Colt was much more interested in the snow today than he ever was last winter, but he still has no patience for gloves so it was a short-lived romp in the snow for us. Too cold to stay out too long, but we're supposed to get another round of white stuff this weekend so maybe we'll fit in more play time.

Snowday 044_edit

Snowday 050_edit

Oh, and we decided to add a new snow day tradition.  I think it has staying power.

beef stew

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