There'll be days like this?

As I started my day by walking into the living room to see Colt perched on the couch with a box of Whoppers on his lap, I was reminded of the delightfully unpredictable nature of life in this house. And as I quickly made my way across the room to remove said box of Whoppers from his fierce little grip only to discover that the last several pieces had been emptied into the bulging cheeks of my two year old – I considered going back to bed.

We successfully corralled him into and out of the shower and into his clothes. Then I spent the next hour getting dressed in ten minute intervals as we've spoiled our 21st century child to the point of absolute intolerance of tv commercials, and I would be summoned into the next room to fast forward from one stretch of cartoons to the next.  And I could tell by the volume level of the backseat chatter on the way to church that the nursery workers might have their work cut out for them today.  

Typically, he plays shy for the first several minutes inside the door, but today he took off like a shot, chasing a few other kids into the nursery while we sighed a little and headed for our seats. And instead of seeing his little face running for us as soon as the nursery door opened after the service, we peeked in to see what could be keeping his attention so well that he hadn't even noticed it was time to go.

Oh nothing. Except the determination with which he was doing laps around the classroom, pushing a toy shopping cart filled with various objects and wearing a doll-sized carseat as a backpack. He completely ignored us as we stood in the doorway with a few other parents and watched. Whopper-fueled laps. The only break in the action happened when Mr. Teddy Bear, his unfortunate passenger, was thrown from the carseat backpack where he had been precariously strapped upside down.

After smiling knowingly at the nursery workers and hearing the account of a well-behaved but energetic-to-put-it-politely morning, we headed for the car.

That was all before noon.

It's like having a puppy that can talk. Well, a puppy that can request grilled cheese or chicken nuggets for every meal for months on end then suddenly insist on "taco soup".

It was definitely one of those days. 

And I'll take a million more just like it. 

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