Oh man, that was a heartbreaker. But such is the life of a true fan.

So — the Sugar Bowl didn't turn out as we might have hoped. Obviously. But I guess it's all easy for me to say when I haven't invested quite as much time and energy into the Hogs as SOME people…

1980 sugar bowl_jeff_edit

THAT would be my husband, the day after he and his Dad traveled to New Orleans the last time the Razorbacks got a trip to the Sugar Bowl. In 1980…

The more things change, the more they stay the same…

Sugarbowl 003_edit

And of COURSE he would still have the same Hog hat he bought at that Sugar Bowl 30 years ago!

While we would have liked to go to the game, we originally had plans to just hunker down and watch the game at home, but we gave in and got a babysitter and headed out to one of our favorite old haunts to watch the game with 600 of our closest friends.

Sugarbowl 020_edit

If you're a longtime follower, you may recognize some of those faces from 100 years ago. Well, more like 3 or 4 years ago, in our pre-kid, going-out-on-school-nights days. Keith (in the stripes) and Don (in black), and Jennifer (probably referred to as "Crazy Jennifer" in early posts) in the center in red. You might also recognize my sister Becky with the dark hair. We had A BALL catching up. There's nothing like watching the Hogs with good friends.

Sugarbowl 025_edit

Sugarbowl 015_edit

Sugarbowl 017_edit

Ok Hog fans, all together now! "THERE'S ALWAYS NEXT YEAR!"

Sugarbowl 005_edit

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  1. You HAVE to send that last picture to the athletic dept. and the alumni association. It will be a magazine cover for SURE. Incredible.

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