Without a witness, they will disappear.

To my knowledge, Laura isn't home yet – so no wedding pictures yet. Trust me, you people will be the first to know when I get the green light to post them.

In the meantime, I thought I'd share something else we were able to do while in Dallas this past weekend. The quilt. I finally got to see the quilt in person.

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I first wrote about the quilt about a year ago, right after it was dedicated at the 4th Annual Time of Remembrance in Washington. Each state is represented by a fallen soldier with ties to that state. Tom represents South Dakota, in the lower left-hand corner of the quilt.

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It was very cool to see the quilt in person and to meet Julie Feingold, the artist – and hear the story straight from her of the true labor of love this project has been. It's not hard to tell that she's a special lady with a very special story to tell. I won't go into detail about the symbolism and the stories, but I encourage you to visit the website if you're interested in reading more.

The quilt travels around the country and is displayed at various events in various venues. But this event was particularly special, and I suspect the team will try its best to make this weekend an annual quilt display event.

Snowball Express is an organization dedicated to supporting the children of fallen heroes. Sadly, there are almost 12,000 children in this country under the age of 18 who have lost a parent while serving since 9/11. Snowball partners with American Airlines and other sponsors in order to host an annual event allowing those kids to fly from their homes across the country and spend a weekend together, forming friendships and bonds that will help them support each other and their families as they heal from their loss.

The Lost Heroes Art Quilt keepsake companion book is available for sale anywhere the quilt is displayed. And after expenses, 100% of the proceeds from the sale of the book are donated to Snowball Express. So it's an organization near and dear to those closest to the quilt.

Snowball was this weekend. And one downtown Dallas hotel was brimming with kids, some of whom are approaching their first Christmas without their Mom or Dad.  And watching them walk up to the quilt and look over the faces — it makes you hug your family a little tighter.

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