I can't believe I didn't do this last year. But somehow it's making this year that much more special. Colt helped the other kids at church decorate the Christmas tree at The Harbor last week, and he's been pointing out Christmas trees everywhere we go. So I knew he'd be excited to help with the decorating if we ever got around to it.

Christmastree 018_edit

He carefully supervised as I stacked all the boxes in the kitchen and started unpacking them to find the ornaments and the lights. I had to discreetly separate the breakable ornaments from the Colt-friendly ornaments. And once I made him a little pile of treasures — he was off.

Christmastree 006_edit

Believe it or not, that poor little branch actually took on SEVERAL more ornaments before I relieved it of its duties and spread the love around.

Christmastree 002_edit

I couldn't help but get all sappy and emotional watching him. This is one of those things. Those things I hope he always remembers. A few of our ornaments came from my parents' tree and are things I had when I was a kid or ornaments that meant something to me. It made me tear up a little to think about all the ornaments we will add to this tree over the years. The handmade masterpieces and the keepsakes we'll bring home from trips and vacations.

Christmastree 019_edit

It isn't much, but it's our little tree. And this boy is a fan.

Christmastree 014_edit

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