Because I've been sneezing (and coughing and draining and sniffling) (and whining) for the last three days and my head feels, well, awful.

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Because I bravely and dutifully got my flu shot again this year. And I feel like this anyway.

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Because I stayed home to wallow in my misery on Monday and am dreading the pile of "must do" items awaiting me should I make it to work this morning. My last morning at work until 2011.

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Because the sneezy, achy loveliness that has settled into my poor, unsuspecting body since Friday has prevented me from completing my Christmas shopping. And because we are scheduled to leave town in less than 36 hours.

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Because I'm pretty sure Jeff has it now, too. And both of us being sick should make for a lovely 1300 some odd miles in the car this week.

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Because I have my very own monkey to make me smile, even when I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired.

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You know, just because.

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One thought on “Just because

  1. Jesus and the 12 Dudes who did. That sounds like an excellent book. :-)

    Feel better soon. Buy gift cards. Or better yet, give them a gift certificate for time spent with you. That and a few empty boxes for the kids to play with should be great gifts.

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