There aren't too many things I love about
The tricky act of diapering baby's rear,
But one thing I cannot survive without
Comes in a little yellow tube or jar.
Sometimes the diaper rash cannot be stopped
And baby's butt is red and dry and sore.
It seems as if there is nowhere to turn,
But never fear because it can be topped.
My baby's hiney will be red no more
The sticky, gritty salve will heal the burn. boudreaux

When faced with diaper rash to beat the band,
All hail the secret weapon in a tube!
The messy little stuff will lend a hand,
It comes through every time you need a lube.
Of all the times I wish that I could run
And hide from troubles like a fiery bum,
This diaper cream delivers every time
And gets us back on track to having fun.
Each time I use it I get spoiled some
It's worth its weight in gold — and every dime.

Oh Boudreaux's! Boudreaux's! You are here to stay!
I cannot sing your praises loud enough!
I'll be your biggest fan, oh come what may
When rumps are red and times are looking tough.
You always knows the perfect path to take
When baby's bottoms have gone all awry –
I never have to fret that you might fail.
And every time their days are yours to make
Sweet tushies everywhere let out a sigh.
When Boudreaux's is on call it's time to smile!

One thought on “Ode to Boudreaux

  1. Is this for a Butt Paste contest or something? I like it.

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