I took pictures of everything but the food.

There are probably families out there that ate more food and watched more football and spent more time doing absolutely nothing than we did this week, but there can't be many.

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We spent about 80% of the weekend on the floor playing. Cars, Legos, cars, dominos, cars. Ninny dragged out some of the Matchbox cars Jeff had as a little boy — and Colt was all over it. 

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The lovely people (some of) you may not recognize in these photos are my in-laws: Jeff's parents Ninny and Baw (Granny and Pop to the layperson), Jeff's sister Sarah, her husband Frank, and their three kiddos.

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If you'll notice, most of the people in these photos are not looking at the camera. There are a handful of reasons for that, actually. Most likely, they are minding their own business and not paying a lot of attention to my incessant picture taking. Second most likely is that they are busy watching football. We watched A LOT of football.

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It eventually warmed up enough for us to brave the outside world. So after a short trip to the Arkadelphia Walmart for some Black Friday People Watching, we bundled up and headed to the park. We were glad to get Colt out of the house for a bit, and the boys stayed home to watch – you guessed it – more football.

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We made it back to Fayetteville in time to watch The Game. Honestly, does the LSU/Arkansas game have to be so outright stressful EVERY year? Per the usual, Jeff paced the house but the tension of such a big game was somewhat lessened by our favorite little Hog fan – cheering right along with us. And it's always nice when such a big game happens to end on a high note! Go Hogs!

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I can only hope you had as much fun this week. Happy Thanksgiving 2010 from The Hoods.

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  1. Looks like you had a great time! I love the last couple of photos especially. I can see you in Colt, but I see A LOT of Jeff in there. He’s like his little Mini Me, isn’t he?

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