It's a pretty humbling experience – this parenting thing. You're trusted with this little person – and you're responsible for everything. Everything from his physical wellbeing, his health and growth to his emotional development, his behavior and his manners. It's up to you to teach him to be kind and loving and responsible. But it's also up to you to teach him how to smile and enjoy life.

And the hardest part of all is that you teach him most of it unintentionally. You're a role model – in the big, obvious ways and the tiny, formerly insignificant ways. He watches you for cues and you are slowly but surely teaching him how to be his own little guy.

And sometimes – honestly – that's all a little overwhelming. Parents are only human and we're an imperfect example, at best. Teaching someone by example means being patient and just and honest — and consistent. Even amongst the terrible twos and the time-outs and the uncooperative days.

All of a sudden, it seems, the decisions we're making are starting to matter. You know – really matter. Sure it all matters, but somehow the decisions we made to physically get him from there to here don't seem as significant as the decisions we're making now, that will ultimate help shape his character.

Yeah, this parenting thing.

Rewarding. But really, really hard.

I'm thankful. Appreciative. Grateful. And I'm utterly unworthy of any of it.


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  1. Oh wow! How did I miss this one! This picture is HILARIOUS!

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