I’m a sucker for a coworker selling gourmet cookie dough for her kid. And I typically hold strong to a personal belief that making actual cookies is a tragic waste of perfectly good cookie dough. But in an effort to someday see the fruits of all the labor I’m putting in at the gym, I made an exception.

Until last night, there were two tubs of cookie dough taunting me from the bottom shelf of the fridge. Three pounds each. Yes, friends, six pounds of glorious cookie dough — all beautifully ribboned with peanut butter — and I decided to go and waste it by putting it in the oven.

Cookies 018_edit

It goes without saying that every single one of these lovelies had to exit the premises. Merry early Christmas, Saatchi coworkers!

Cookies 024_edit

Ok, so I might have tasted one of these protein cookies. Just to make sure they weren’t gross.

They weren’t.

And who knew making cookies would be that much more fun with the help of my own personal cookie monster?

Cookies 009_edit

He wouldn’t go near the oven. Hot, mama. Hot! I cracked the door a little and offered him a peek. But he just looked at me like I was nuts. And stayed glued to his stool, from which he could appropriately monitor the cookie operation. What? You wear pants when you make cookies?

Cookies 021_edit

After he came to the conclusion he wouldn’t be enjoying a Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip cookie right before bedtime, he gave up and bolted for the den so he could curl up with his Paw and execute The Football Trance. 

Cookies 028_edit

Om nom nom nom.

4 thoughts on “C is for Cookie.

  1. You made cookies in front of the boy and then wouldn’t let him have any? That’s a little mean!

  2. Cookies! Be sure to swing by my desk so I can perform a cookie evaluation for you. Free of charge.

    Also, the pantless cookie observation is cracking me up.

  3. For the first time, your great Aunt Judy is forced to speak, or perhaps called upon………I absolutely can’t believe you refused that child a cookie, bedtime or no! I hope you spend some time thinking on this, it seems very extreme to me.

  4. oh my, what are you thinking? Raising a healthy kid who’s not hopped up on sugar!! That’s crazy talk, call the authorities!
    Now, let’s get back to the important stuff, where’s MY cookie.
    Thumbs up, you are great parents and great friends.

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