I spent nearly every Wednesday night between the first day of 7th grade and the day of high school graduation at Youth Bible Study at Cabot United Methodist Church. It was a midpoint of the week and a time I remember with a smile.

One of my favorite parts of Bible Study was "Pows and Wows". We started each Wednesday night by going around the circle and sharing our Pows and Wows. A Wow is something good that happened to you that week — a good grade on a test or a part in the school play. And a Pow was something not-so-good that happened to you that week — a big paper was due or bad news from a friend.

Pows and Wows were – in their simplest form – "how was your day?" And something we spent a lot of time on each week. Often we had to limit everyone to one Pow and one Wow, just to be sure we could get to everyone AND do our Bible Study before it was time to go.

So here are my Pows and Wows this week. It's been a long week. One that hasn't yet materialized in any kind of coherent story or worthy blog post. So I'm going to quit allowing the blank computer screen to taunt me, and just get all this stuff out of my head and out of my way. Here goes:


  • If you add up the energy level of all three Hoods this week – we MIGHT get to a full 100%. We are feeling collectively crummy. And that's no fun.
  • Jeff was out of town for the first half of the week. Single parenthood is not for the faint of heart. And I'm glad he's back now. (That was kindof a combo PowWow.)
  • We're approaching a particularly rough time of year for my family. This year is rougher than years past. And I'm hoping to come out the other side.
  • I tried to donate blood Wednesday night, but was turned away because I've traveled in African countries with low risk of Malaria in the last 12 months. Picky picky.
  • I think I've been clenching my jaw and grinding my teeth more than usual. The pain in my head keeps impolitely reminding me not to do that.
  • It's that time of year again. That lovely time of year that means Colt's nose is in CONSTANT need of wiping.


  • Colt's school had Picture Day this week. And you all know how I love Picture Day. I am already anxiously awaiting the cheesy, posed little proofs.
  • The Boy is talking like crazy these days. It is music to our ears.
  • Work has been crazy busy (which SOUNDS like a Pow), but I've really found the right team within the agency. I'm in a really good place and enjoying work like I haven't in a really long time.
  • It's fall. I love fall.
  • I took the munchkin up to campus this weekend to run off some energy and take some fun photos to send to his out-of-town Paw. They turned out pretty great.


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3 thoughts on “Pows and Wows

  1. Sarah (and Jeff)-
    Colt is such a cutie! I love your pics! I wish I was so talented! Want to take some pics for me!?!?

  2. you are such an amazing person! you can still see the wows in a sea full of pows.
    love you

  3. I am teaching the kindergarten sunday school class and we did Pows and Wows yesterday. :) Some things will never change at CUMC.

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