Decisions, decisions.

The way I feel about peanut butter and Nutella is what I imagine it must feel like to have two children. I try very hard to love them equally, but each has its own unique personality and admirable qualities.

Peanut butter is the older child – displaying qualities of responsibility and natural leadership. Trusty ole PB can be counted on. I never have to worry about ordering dessert - I simply have to ask, "what do you have with peanut butter?" and I know he'll come through. He's mature. A rock.

Nutella, however, is the typical baby of the family. Always vying for attention. A little reckless. Happy-go-lucky. But charming and fun – and irresistible.

Peanut butter and I – we go way back. We've matured together. He made me what I am today. But Nutella has come in and rocked my world. And I'll never be the same.

You can see my dilemma.

That said, I don't really bake but I decided to try out a recipe sent to me by my lovely friend Lisa (Hi Lisa!). She was so thoughtful to forward it on, and I couldn't help but spend Monday evening playing hooky from the gym and playing favorites with my two greatest loves.

I present to you – Nutella Swirl Pound Cake, as listed on


Nutella 002_edit

You are under strict instructions to pay zero attention to the amount of butter in this recipe. It's completely unimportant. Thank you for your cooperation.

Nutella 005_edit

Ahh yes. The hero of our story. Sweet little Nutella. We'll get to you in a minute.

Nutella 012_edit_edit

Nutella 021_edit

Nutella 034_edit

Note for next time: APPARENTLY, there are better times to use the mixer than while the Cowboys are playing on Monday Night Football.

Nutella 048_edit

Nutella 056_edit

Nutella 060_edit

Nutella 066_edit

Remember where you filed that part about the butter? Yeah. Put this little detail about the ENTIRE JAR OF NUTELLA in there with it.

Nutella 002_edit (2)

Nutella 008_edit

It KINDA looks like the photo in the recipe, right??

In case you're interested, I'm sorry to inform you that there is not much left of this particular batch of cake. I took most of it to work on Tuesday and it disappeared rather quickly. So that's something. And it's been quite a hit at home, too. I will definitely be printing this recipe and putting it in my file 'o favorites.

Anyone out there have a recipe that requires both peanut butter AND Nutella? Just in case I want to take both children on a little family vacation or something. 

5 thoughts on “Decisions, decisions.

  1. Butter, what butter? The way the game went Monday, a little treat at the end wouldn’t have hurt a bit.

  2. Yep….I will be making that this weekend! :)

  3. Um, I can’t believe I didn’t get to sample this delicacy. What am I, chopped liver? Or should I say, “What am I, peanut butter?”

  4. Okay. If there was any doubt that PW better watch her back, it’s been erased now with your first close-up-step-by-step pictures of making food. Next stop, book signing!

    PS. Not sure, but I THINK Nutella is making an appearance Sunday morning.

  5. I love that the cake got its own blog post. :-)
    And just tell Jeff…running the mixer during the Cowboys game will insure a sweet ending of some sort. The cowboys sure haven’t done that lately.

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