We interrupt your regularly scheduled program…

…for a little breather.

Sorry for the weird lull. It's only been about five days since my last post, but it seems like forever and I didn't want you to think I'd abandoned you.

Jeff and I were out of town for the holiday weekend — some of you may have followed us through NYC via Facebook or Twitter, so you'll have seen sneak peeks of our trip — but we're back in Fayetteville and trying to recover. Colt spent the weekend with Ninny and Baw (Granny and Pop) and we'll be spending the rest of the week straightening him out, too. (We love you, Ninny and Baw!) I have about a billion pictures to sort through and I'll be blogging about our trip in installations over the next week or so. 

Hi! to anyone who may be visiting from over at Peekaboo. If you're new here and would like to put up your feet and stay a while, feel free to bookmark us, subscribe to the feed, or subscribe via email. Also don't forget to become a Facebook fan up there in the corner. Thanks for dropping by!

And speaking of Peekaboo, I received a few more pictures last week from Kim, the fabulous photographer behind Sweet Portrayal Photography, who did the shoot for the magazine. I'll leave you with these for now — and I'm off to sort through NYC photos!





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  1. That last one is my favorite. You two are so stinkin photogenic.

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