Today is the last day of summer. And I'm already looking forward to next year.

A few months ago I wrote a piece for Peekaboo Magazine about the beautiful simplicity of summer. In the piece, I challenged other Moms – other families – to give themselves a break from the routine and the schedules and the busyness of life — and just have a little fun. I wrote about the importance of working hard AND playing hard. And on paper, in black and white, for all to see – I committed to walking the walk. I committed to giving Colt his first carefree childhood summer memories.

And I meant it.

I get carried away. We all do. We pack it all in and forget that life is about experiences and memories and laughing so hard you cry.

But this summer – we took charge. And we had the time of our lives. I kick started my Life List with our little jaunt up Mt. Whitney and we rounded out the summer with The Boy's 2nd birthday, my 10 year high school reunion, a trip to NYC and a lot of fun had both in our backyard and in various bodies of water. It was a busy summer. But in the most carefree, memorable way.

Farewell Summer 2010. You were our best yet.

Summer 2010 from Sarah Hood on Vimeo.

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