Exciting news! (In the form of a shameless plug.) Available starting today, NWA's Peekaboo Magazine is featuring a handful of NWA bloggers in its September issue, and I'm thrilled to be part of the group! The featured blogs range in subject matter from kiddos to technology to food to home decor — and it was great meeting all these fun ladies.

Sweet portrayal_5

On the top row are Lyndi at NWA Foodie, Katie at Katie's Keepers, Kelly at Kelly's Korner, Me, then Heather at Passion for Savings on the top of the slide. Bottom row starts with my buddies Gwen Rockwood and Shannon Magsam over at NWA Motherlode, then Jacqueline, Heidi and Rachel (on the end of the slide) who make up the NWA arm of Creative Outpour, and Stephanie at Evolved Mommy. Not pictured, but also featured within the article is Lela at After the Bubbly.

There you go! 9 NWA Blogs You Should Be Reading!

Kim with Sweet Portrayal Photography did the photos to accompany the article and got some really fun shots of Colt and me. I am absolutely in love with these.

Sweet portrayal_1

Sweet portrayal_3

You can see (many!) more photos on Sweet Portrayal's Facebook page — Kim is a really talented photographer. And even though we started to melt in the heat, we had a lot of fun during this photo shoot. I was shocked when I saw these – they're awesome! And I had been worried – as always – that she wouldn't be able to get any good photos of the monkey.

If you live in NWA and you're not familiar with Peekaboo – swing by just about anywhere and pick up a copy for free. If you're NOT in NWA, check out their website and find them on Facebook, and read the article HERE.

3 thoughts on “Peekaboo!

  1. Have you seen it on newsstands yet? I’m so excited you’d think I was going to be on the cover of O Magazine.

  2. Hi Sarah!! The picture looks so great! Just like Stephanie, I’m so excited, too!! We are going to have to practice our autographs! ha ha!!

  3. I love the pictures Sarah! Your little man is so cute!

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