And just like that, he’s not a baby anymore

Something happened this week that I wasn't expecting.

Wednesday night, Jeff still wasn't feeling great so we headed to church without him and stopped at Sonic on our way out of town. Our plan was to take our supper and eat with everyone else at Family Night, but it was a little past his regular suppertime, Colt was hungry, and it's a good ten minute drive to church. So without thinking, I reached into the Sonic bag while I drove up the interstate and I passed a piece of popcorn chicken to the backseat. An eager little hand belonging to a hungry little boy quickly snatched the piece of chicken from my hand. In the rearview mirror I watched him hold the chicken up to his lips and blow like he watches us do, then he popped it in his mouth and settled back into his seat to enjoy. It wasn't long before I heard "More!" and we repeated the whole thing.

The rest of the drive to church I handed him his dinner, piece by piece, and just grinned. When did this happen? When did my little guy become a KID? To whom I can pass chicken nuggets without cutting them into miniscule pieces first? In a moving car? Is he really truly eating supper as we drive down the highway? No highchair? This is crazy. Yet here I am. One for him, one for me. I'm practically tossing them into the backseat and he's happily eating them like he's been doing it for years.

It's a milestone I didn't even know I was waiting for. And even as it was happening, I thought – I so love the little things.

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  1. Your blog makes my heart smile

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