Year in Review – My Favorite Boy

Not that I need to point this out, but I like to write about and take pictures of my poor, defenseless child. I like to think that someday, he (or more likely, his wife) will be adorably happy and tearfully grateful that I've taken the time and effort to document his childhood this way. That – or he will turn out to be his father's child and will be mortified by all of it — and will spend years in therapy as a result. Let's just hope for the best.

Because it's that time again! Yearbook time! I was way behind on his First Year Book, but got it done in time for Christmas last year. So I was determined to keep pace with the Second Year Book and I managed to do it – all year. Every month or so I would sit down and sort through blog posts and favorite photos and do a few pages in the book. It was so nice to do it gradually and not have to go back through it all in a rush. And I've really grown to cherish my Shutterfly Therapy time.

Plus! The as-you-go method has the unexpected side-effect of absolutely maximizing the time I have to edit everything to death. Seriously though. Once I had his 2nd birthday pictures in the book I had to force myself to hit print on the darn thing. I lost count back in February of how many times I've gone back through each page to read, re-read, re-arrange photos, re-crop, re-read, edit, edit, edit. It's a disease. But the book is a labor of love in every sense. And I spent this weekend getting things together to start the Third Year Book. Hardly seems possible, and I'm sure that 3rd Birthday and that "Print" button will come around all too soon.

I'll stop jabbering now so you can enjoy. And — if for some reason the graphic below doesn't work (it has a knack for that), here's the direct link.

One thought on “Year in Review – My Favorite Boy

  1. This makes me GREEN with envy. I wish I had taken half as many pictures of Erin when she was little. I think I have a dozen maybe, total. And now she is 12 and I want to be able to share those memories of her youngster days with her, but I can’t recall them (in my old age) and there aren’t any pictures, except maybe one or two at each birthday party. This book idea is wonderful and I am certain Colt will love it when he is grown. Good job mamma.

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