Heck with winter.  Here in the South we hibernate in the summertime. We stock up on ice cream sandwiches and retreat indoors until the temperature starts to drop back down to a reasonable level, then we yawn and stretch and tiptoe out of our air conditioned caves, squinting into the sunlight.

I'll go ahead and admit that in Northwest Arkansas we are utterly spoiled as we typically have very mild summers. But the last few weeks have been hard on the Hoods. We've read every book and stacked every Lego and Colt wanted O-U-T of this house.

And relief came just in time. I don't know exactly what the temperature was outside last night, but I can promise you it didn't start with a 9. And it was just what we needed.

Thepark 011_edit

Thepark 026_edit

Thepark 041_edit

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Thepark 051_edit

THIS is the summer we like. And we'll gladly take all 26 more days of it.

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