Out with the old, in with the “new”

My iPhone retired this week after nearly three years of faithful service. It was time. Well, that and it was replaced by a younger, flashier model. Isn't that always the case?

What should have been a very simple decision to use the shiny new iPhone supplied to me by my lovely employer instead of continuing to pay for my own, semi-outdated ORIGINAL iPhone each month, was actually really, really hard.

I know. I know. Who still has an ORIGINAL iPhone? Well, if the availability of accessories for said iPhone is any indication, then NO ONE. But it was in perfect condition. It used whatever the world survived on before 3G became our oxygen. And, as I realized this week, it was my lifeline. And as I systematically moved all of my all-important apps from one phone to the other, it floored me how dependent on this little thing I am. Mobile banking, Facebook, Twitter, music — and God forbid I actually LEARN anyone's phone number.

I spent more time than I'm willing to admit making sure all of my preset passwords and settings and various alarms and reminders were all set up in the new phone JUST like the old phone. And I am now able to check both my personal and work email.  Simultaneously. At the touch of a button. Because that's TOTALLY necessary.

Perhaps the best part of all. Is THIS baby. Samsung  That we pulled out of a drawer deserving of the label: Old, SERIOUSLY out-dated personal electronics that we should really, truly throw away but absolutely won't because that would make too much sense.

It's a Samsung something-or-other. And when I asked the guy at AT&T to activate it with my personal phone number — he politely stopped laughing long enough to inform me that the SIM card inside said "Cingular". Yeah. Hi there, 2007. I'm Sarah.

All this to explain why there might be a considerable lag time in my texting response these days. No worries. I'm just looking for the period on this damn thing.

One thought on “Out with the old, in with the “new”

  1. My Dad still uses his original iPhone. He doesn’t want to pay extra for the 3G data plan!

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