I truly and honestly can't believe I'm old enough to tell you that I attended my 10 year high school reunion this weekend.

I often have trouble remembering how old I am and that I'm a "grown up" now. I tend to operate as if I'm just moving through my life, getting married and having a baby and maintaining a career — all while remaining 17 years old. And then my 10 year reunion snuck up and bit me in the face. And whaddaya know? I'm 27 now. Crap! When did this HAPPEN?





Truth is, I have had a hell of a last ten years. In a really, really good way. And I truly enjoyed my weekend of seeing old friends. They are the kind of friends that just pick up where you left off. Some of them I hadn't seen in a few months and some of them it's been almost all ten years — but they are some of the most genuine people in this world, and it took us no time flat to be right back in our comfort zone as a group. Laughing – HARD. And retelling all of our favorite stories.

Cabot is more and more special to me as time passes. When I graduated high school, my parents moved from Arkansas and I knew I wouldn't go "home" for summers and holidays and football games like most of the rest of my high school friends. So it's kind of become this era of my life, wrapped up in a place. It's the place I claim as "home" when I introduce myself to new people, but I only go back about once a year. And every time I drive into town and notice the new construction and growth that are making it less and less recognizable as the place I grew up, it makes me a little sad. Ten years worth of change is starting to show – on MY school, MY church, MY hometown.  Maybe that's why it was so good for my soul this weekend to know that, in some ways – the important ways – the people I knew and loved haven't changed a bit.

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If I've linked everything correctly, you should be able to see more photos at the Facebook links below – even if you're not on Facebook.

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