I can't remember what we were doing on Fan Day last year, but I'll bet air conditioning was involved.

Good gracious it gets hot here. And most people have sense enough to stay inside. Not us. We joined the other Razorback Faithful and attended Fan Day 2010 in The Gardens this weekend. There was a pep rally with cheerleaders and the band and the whole shebang. But, not surprisingly, Colt was more interested in the wheels.

Fanday 005_edit

Fanday 016_edit

I'm not quite sure what that thing is supposed to be. Or if it's even road-worthy. But Colt couldn't have loved it more. We visited a few different times during the afternoon as there was actually a small line to sit in this thing and have your picture made. Silly Razorback fans…

Speaking of lines. It's a shame we didn't feel like standing in any, because we could've had our pick! It's the one day every year that Razorback fans all get together and stand in line! You have to see this to believe it. I wish I'd taken a picture of the HUNDREDS of people standing in line for various autographs and photo opps. We, on the other hand, wandered among the line-standers and stumbled upon THIS.

Fanday 003_edit

As I tend to do, I immediately thought he was too little for something like this. And as he tends to do, he couldn't wait to be right up in the middle of it. So off went the shoes and up went the boy. He stalled about halfway up the ladder and the sweet old man in charge broke the "one at a time" rule so that the cute little girl next in line could help him up. Well! He had no idea what he was starting.

Fanday 001_edit

Sweet Old Man's original instruction was for Cute Little Girl to help Colt up the ladder then slide NEXT to him on the way down. Colt had other plans. He climbed right into the lap of this perfect stranger and slid right on down. As you can see, he wasn't suffering.

Fanday 002_edit

It typically only takes once for the little guy to get the hang of something. So he got back in line and found Cute Little Girl #2.

Fanday 004_edit

After a few more rides down the slide, the line was getting longer and the sun was getting hotter so we moved on. But we just couldn't leave Fan Day without saying hello to Big Red. By this point, Colt was kinda done with the whole sweaty mess, but that didn't stop me from trying.

Fanday 013_edit

Colt wasn't having it. AT ALL. Big Red was so nice and patient, but Colt was just done. I didn't even realize Jeff had taken these pictures of us trying to get Colt to warm up to the idea.

Fanday 011_edit

What started as a plan to get Big Red to HOLD Colt for a photo, turned into this. 

Fanday 015_edit

Easily more awkward than last year's Santa Claus picture. I love that Colt wasn't content to just not smile and not touch Big Red. He pressed his entire body against me so as to get as far away from him as physically possible. And poor Big Red is standing there all "what do I do with my hands?" Love it.

So it was finally time to give up and get back to some AC. But not before a hot, sweaty, sticky, exhausted family pic. Go Hogs!

Fanday 018_edit


2 thoughts on “Fans? Or Suckers?

  1. Colt, Big Red is a bit scary…those pretty girls, though…Colt, you’re the man! xoxoxo

  2. I remember the first time I saw the three-wheeler when I was a kid, if its the same one. I can’t imagine there would be many of them running around. Anyway, the Hogs had a kicker by the name of Steve Little who was awesome. He could kick the ball through the uprights on a kickoff, and I got to see just that a few times at War Memorial Stadium. He was a shoo-in to be a pro kicker, and was for a few years. Then he was in a wreck that left him paralyzed- so much for the pros. Someone, I dont remember who had the three-wheeler built for him, and he rode out onto the field to standing ovations from the fans. Still dont know if that is the same three-wheeler, but it sure looks like it. I did notice there are only pegs for the feet to sit on, no controls like a normal trike.

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