Dare I say, TERRIFIC Twos

I knew it would happen. I absolutely knew. And I wrote it down anyway.

Last night, I sat down to write about how pleasant the last few weeks have been and that we have magically, miraculously avoided any heavy "two year old" behavior. There is a post sitting in draft right this moment that goes on and blissfully on about how much fun Two has been so far and that it has far exceeded anything we could have anticipated. Sure, we've had our two year old moments – in fact, just last week we had our first official meltdown-for-no-good-reason. Wow. But this post ignorantly bragged about Colt totally OWNING the whole two year old thing.

I didn't even POST it. And the universe decided to teach me a lesson anyway.

With that, I'll tell you – we had one of THOSE days today. Well, not even a whole day. I guess we had one of THOSE evenings. When I got to his school this afternoon, Colt was one of three kids left in his classroom. And he managed to stall so long that the other two kids' parents came in, signed them out, and left the building before Colt and I managed to make it halfway to the door. I was fighting The Battle for the Attention Span. And I was losing out to a toy microwave and a fake, rubber piece of lettuce.

So we made it to the car before we hit another snag. And, contrary to my previously held belief, I discovered that I actually AM strong enough to put a two year old into a car seat against his will. Good to know.

As I climbed into my own seat, I unnecessarily looked at the take-home sheet from daycare and confirmed my suspicion. 40 minute nap. Awesome. And as the rest of the evening unfolded I further suspected that 40 minutes was a liberal estimate.

A handful of meltdowns and one premature exit from the BBQ place later, and it was bedtime. And only then was I reminded of my original inspiration for that post in draft that will never see the light of day.

At the risk of jinxing myself out of my sanity — this kid takes bedtime like a champ. A CHAMP. And after the tough evening we had, I thought it might have all been over tonight.  But I was pleasantly surprised when my request to start putting away the Legos was met with a cheerful grin. I could hardly believe my eyes when he happily put every last Lego into the basket and told them nigh-nigh before handing out the rest of his nigh-nighs to the basket of books, his highchair, and the vacuum cleaner. He scampered off to his room for jammies, then back to the kitchen to get his teeth brushed, then off to bed.

And when I sat down at the computer tonight, after singing a few rounds of "The Wheels on the Bus" and getting my nigh-nigh kiss, I had come nearly full circle.

What a sweet boy I have. What a great kid I have that cooperates at bedtime, even on an otherwise tough day. What a crazy monkey I have who has weathered an odd schedule this week with a brand new classroom, teachers and classmates. What a brilliant munchkin I have whose personality has just exploded in the last month with words, words and more words.

That's the boy I know and love. That's the boy who can't leave the house in the morning 'til he kisses his Mama. That's the boy who's still too young to be embarrassed when his Mama drags out the camera on the first day of school. And that's the boy who can already pick a Razorback out of a line-up. He's two. I know. And it will get worse before it gets better. I think I'm prepared for that. But for now, I love this kid like crazy. 

First Day of School_Fall 2010

2 thoughts on “Dare I say, TERRIFIC Twos

  1. I think you get more beautiful everyday! What an adorable little guy you have!! Enjoy ALL the moments… some “old” lady (probably about the age I am now) once told me to enjoy them while they are young because they grow up so fast. Seth was probably about 6 mo. old at the time, and I turned around and he was in kindergarten, I turned again and he was graduating High School. It DOES go by too, too, fast. Love you, Your “Summer Mom”

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