How to prevent life-simplifying devices from complicating your life and compromising your sanity

Or, The Title of the Post I Wish I Were Qualified to Write. For the record, I'm not. I spent the morning frantically packing stuff for our trip and I am 100% certain I forgot something. Likely something important. And there's no Walmart on Mt. Whitney. Eye drops. That's it. I hope. While tearing through the house packing this morning, I did find time to laugh at myself. It's hard not to laugh when packing to spend the weekend in a land far, far away from cell phones and status updates and you find yourself worried about remembering all the right chargers and batteries and cords for every last little gadget. I made myself crazy triple-checking it all. And perhaps if I'd been less focused on batteries and chargers, I'd have the truly important stuff. Like eye drops. And I wouldn't be peeling my eyelids open or secretly wondering if it's physically possible to spit into one's own eye. And— if that would make things better or worse. I've packed a sleeping bag and a pocket knife — and an iPhone. I'll be carrying everything I should need on my own two shoulders for the next three days, but here I am, using American Airlines Wi-Fi to blog from my phone, in the air over Nevada somewhere. Ha! I'm hopeless. And maybe a little nervous. But really, really excited.

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