Colt's birthday fell on Father's Day weekend again this year – as I suspect it will most years. Which is FINE with me. It makes for a fun weekend filled with my favorite boys.

On a whim, I sent a camera to school with Colt on Friday in case they did any fun birthday stuff. I honestly thought his teachers might humor me and take a picture or two and that'd be it. Wrong! They took several photos and even a short video! – and they are priceless. While they don't really do birthday parties for the kids in his class, they sure do have fun — I got pictures of snack time and art time and inside and outside and just chilling with his friends. I should send the camera with him more often!

 Birthday_CCC 001_edit_square Birthday_CCC 003_edit_square

 Birthday_CCC 006_edit_square Birthday_CCC 017_edit_square

  Birthday_CCC 013_edit

 Birthday_CCC 024_edit_square Birthday_CCC 021_edit_square


Birthday_CCC 005_edit_square Birthday_CCC 009_edit_square

 Birthday_CCC 026_edit

 Birthday_CCC 019_edit_square Birthday_CCC 020_edit_square

We are so lucky to have found a school he really loves and that we know takes such good care of him during the day. I loved this little glimpse into his school day. (And – though I didn't post them – there were many, MANY "outtakes" on the camera when I got it back. And as I looked through them I was comforted by the fact that I'm not the only one who has trouble chasing this kid for a smile at the camera!)

Friday night, we ran a few errands and stopped for birthday supper.

 Birthday_CCC 033_edit

And we took our traditional birthday family photo in the backyard.

Birthday 005_edit_4

And played and played till bedtime.

 Birthday 010_edit

 Birthday 011_edit

 Birthday 013_edit

 Birthday 014_edit

Happy, happy birthday to our munchkin.

Saturday, we had big plans that required me to spend most of last week searching all over creation for a pint-sized life jacket, but Little Guy woke up feeling crummy and Jeff wasn't feeling well either – so we decided to save our intended birthday/Father's Day outing for another weekend. And we spent Saturday in the house. Colt ran a bit of a fever most of the day and wanted nothing more than to feel sorry for himself while sitting in my lap. Who am I to argue with that? Looking back, Saturday was much needed down time for all of us. It was a nice, quiet day.

Sunday was Father's Day! And (after the boys watched the slow, painful death of the US Open) it was time for Colt to help Paw break out the new mower.

Fathersday 004_edit Fathersday 012_edit

 Fathersday 032_edit

Fathersday 024_edit

 Fathersday 050_edit

 Fathersday 021_edit

 Fathersday 037_edit

 Fathersday 036_edit

 Fathersday 048_edit

 Fathersday 056_edit

 Fathersday 049_edit

 Fathersday 053_edit

 Fathersday 055_edit

You could say it was a hit.

And then it was time to make Father's Day phone calls before bedtime. Here are the boys wishing Pop a Happy (Grand)Father's Day.

 Fathersday 060_edit

What a weekend! I love that Spring is "family" season at our house – Mother's Day, Father's Day, and Colt's birthday are all right here together. I more or less consider them all the same holiday and it means a lot to me that we spend them together as a family. I know that Colt doesn't really KNOW that it was his birthday this weekend, but I hope he knows that he's loved.

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  1. HA!! The lawn mower comes with a GAS CAN! That’s hilarious!

  2. I love the ones of Colt with the lawnmower! How adorable. Reminds me of my almost 2 year old with her play vacuum.

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