My sister is coming home. And I'm so, so proud of her that I want to brag about her all over the internet. Laura is finishing up her last few days as a Peace Corps Health Volunteer in Botswana, Africa and will be home in a few short weeks.

Her commitment to the Peace Corps was two years, and I am so relieved she is one of the volunteers that has truly had a positive experience. Not everyone gets what they were expecting when they join the Peace Corps, and - let's be honest – it's hard to know WHAT to expect with something like that. But she has really, truly loved it.

Laura has such a servant heart and an adventurous spirit – and it's been so cool to see her thrive on this latest leg of her journey. I can hardly wait to see what she has planned for her NEXT adventure.

Here are a few pics from her time in Botswana and her travels through Africa, and please stop by and visit her blog to leave an encouraging word or two.


 Feeding elephant_edit


 Elephant_edit Tropic of capricorn_edit



 Warthog_crossing_edit PB260910_edit

 Laura_sand boarding_edit

Laura tells the stories behind these photographs better than I ever could. She'll probably be telling those stories over and over for years to come. Love you, Sister! Can't wait to welcome you home.  

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