Don't let this face fool you.


He's trouble.

Capital T.

And he's almost two. Hear that? ALMOST two. As in, not two yet.

Oh boy.

Not that he knows. Or cares. If it were up to him, he would skip all this toddler junk and move right on to Big Boy status. He's a 12 year old stuck in a 2 year old body.

Exhibit A. We went to the Springdale Aquatic Center this weekend. And let's just say his complete lack of fear – terrifies his Mama. Last year, he was perfectly content to hold our hands and wade around in the 6 inch deep water of the baby splash pool. We convinced him to go down the slide a few times and we carried him out to the deep water for a minute or two – just for a thrill.

Yeah. THIS year? He's having none of it. No hand-holding, no sticking close to Mama and Paw, and not a SCRAP of caution. I'm not asking for fear. I don't want him to be afraid of water. I'm just asking for some good old fashioned caution. Uh uh.

We did the slide.

 Pool 015_edit

 Pool 013_edit

 Pool 014_edit

Many times. These pictures were taken during one of the few trips down the slide that weren't made while dodging six or seven other kids. He held his own.

The attention span eventually took over and he wandered off toward the fountain area. So attached to us he is…

 Pool 024_edit

And then it was down to business. The big pool.

 Pool 001_edit

We thought we'd mix it up a little by tossing him around in the big pool for a bit. And the fearlessness continued. He was anything but content to be held. He wanted DOWN. No need to mention that he can't swim. Nor did getting dunked a few times dampen his spirits. He squirmed and kicked and wanted to be in the water with the big kids. And he was downright furious that we wouldn't let him go down the monstrous water slides nearby. (In his defense, the big kid water slides at the pool look A LOT like the big kid slides at the playground. I see the frustration.)

 Pool 010_edit

Two? Yeah. Right.   

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