Several people have asked so I thought I'd just give you the skinny.

You may have noticed there are a few new features on the blog these days. I've decided to cooperate as part of the Beta Team for TypePad, which means I get to try new stuff before it's widely available. Sometimes it's stuff I can use, sometimes not. But the most recent new stuff is Facebook-related — and who can't use THAT?

So you'll notice two new buttons. One is in the upper right corner of this page, under the heading "become a fan". Fairly self-explanatory… but if you push the "like" button, it will turn blue and you will be a "fan" of musings of Mother Hood (AND my new best friend!). You only need to click it once — or it will "unlike" and turn white. What this means to you: musings of Mother Hood will show up on your Facebook wall like so:

 Like momh

And you can share with all your FB friends how much you loooooooooove musings of Mother Hood. I know, right. You do not have to be "friends" with me to do this. It links directly back to this site – not a Facebook fan page. You only have to do this once, and you'll get my blog updates in your facebook window as well – in the form of a link.


At the end of each post, you'll notice a new button next to the "Tweet this!" button. Eerily similar to the button in the upper right corner, right?? Yes! But it's tied to that specific post. SO. If you click this button (same drill – white to blue), a link to that specific post will show up on your Facebook wall like so:

 Like post 

It's essentially sharing the link with all your FB buddies, and you can click it on any post you choose. No fine print. No strings attached. It's actually a nice, not-obnoxious little line of text, huh? No crazy graphics. No ridiculousness. And, again, we don't have to be Facebook friends for you to take advantage of it and share fun stuff.

And that's what THAT'S all about. Have a great week!

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